"Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee."

Crossroad Coffee beans

Whether you're a casual coffee drinker or a coffee connoisseur, our assortment of high-quality roasted coffee beans, including our special golden 24K Coffee Beans, is guaranteed to please.
Discover the difference quality coffee beans can make and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

Our Brands

Special Golden Coffee 24K Brand


Special Golden Coffee 24k, a grain of quality coffee wrapped in edible gold, ready to provide outstanding feelings that will take the coffee enthusiast on a wonderful sensory journey.

Coffea Club Brand


Coffea Club was founded 80 years ago with the intention to maintain all aspects of coffee under control, from cultivation to consumption in coffeeshops, bars, restaurants, workplaces, and homes.

Crossroad Coffepedia


Coffee, as we all know, is the most common beverage after water: it is drunk globally, and it is impossible to find someone who has never tried coffee. Numerous research on our favorite beverage have been conducted, with sometimes surprising results. As a consequence, the information provided here will assist you in learning more about coffee history, short facts, cultivation, kinds, roasting, tastes, cultural preparations, and other relevant topics.

Crossroad Coffeeunity


COFFEEUNITY is our online coffee community. It is a virtual forum platform where coffee aficionados, experts, and consumers may debate and share coffee-related information, expertise, experiences, and opinions. It is a meeting place for coffee enthusiasts to interact, engage in conversations, ask questions, seek advice, share recipes, evaluate coffee goods, and stay up to speed on the latest trends and advances in the coffee business. Soon, it will be up and running, ready for member subscription, participation, and enjoyment.

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